Frequently Asked Questions

It works by warming the entire surrounding area from floor to ceiling. Most standard units will only heat the area directly in front of them and allow most of the heat to rise to the ceiling and be wasted. So in terms of heat distribution, this is much more effective.

The Miracle Heater is highly energy efficient. A large percentage of the heat they emit is naturally absorbed by the materials around it so little is wasted.

The Miracle Heater starts to produce heat immediately wall to wall and floor to ceiling. The Miracle Heater works by transferring its heat to the surrounding area via electromagnetic waves. The Miracle Heater emits thermal energy, which is what makes them so energy efficient. The energy that the heater emits is absorbed by the materials around it, which in turn begin to emit their own thermal energy. This is what gives the Miracle Heater the capability to heat the area of an entire room, and not just allow the heat it produces to move directly upwards.

The great thing about the Miracle Heater is that they do not need to be put in the middle of the room in order to heat the entire area evenly. Simply place the Miracle Heater in a corner of the room and face it towards the center for maximum heat exchange.

Absolutely. All you do is use its zone heating capabilities and you can turn your home thermostat way down and heat the rooms you use most and slash your high heat bills all winter long.

The insert is made out of steel with a Nickel induction heating element. Virtually silent fan forced technology 24 blade Air-O dynamic fan draws cool air through the back, into the wind tunnel heat chamber, and disperses out into your home the bone soothing heat.

Yes, the miracle heater is ETL listed. This means that it has been submitted to Electrical Testing Labs and that ETL has certified the unit as safe.

The Miracle Heater is a safe heating option for your home. The heating element in the heater will never reach the point of a combustible temperature.

The Miracle Heater uses electric power sources, and can be plugged directly into one of your home’s standard wall outlets. The Miracle Heater will use electricity more efficiently than standard units, and will also heat the area more effectively.

The Miracle Heaters do not require any installation. All you have to do is plug it in.

The mantle is made of 100% real wood and the top is comprised of a solid-wood and solid front trim pieces are made of plywood with real wood veneer.

  1. Hand-cut precision pieces
  2. Hand rubbed to accent wood’s character
  3. Hand stained w/ heat resistant catalyzed varnish
  4. Uses mortise joint and Kreg drilled design
  5. 4 screws bolt the unit into the mantel
  6. Fluted trim sides & cove trim top
  7. With 4 steel casters (2 stationary & 2 swivel wheels).

They’re manufactured by a company in China.

Yes. And it’s made from tempered glass so it’s cool to the touch.