Multi-Color Mini Glo® Widescreen

NEW! 9 Color Variations

NEW! Hi-Definition Touchscreen

NEW! Digital Thermostat,  9-level Timer, and Remote Control

The Brand New MiniMax Trio

Introducing the brand new HeatSurge MiniMax Heat Trio with the new Instant-Thermic Heat Transfer™. So technically advanced, it instantly heats multiple rooms simultaneously.

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Customer Reviews

"I think the Heat Surge heaters are the best thing ever designed. I really enjoy the realistic look and relaxation of the flame effect without the worry of having an actual fire."

"I love the comfort the Fireplace provides and how it puts some atmosphere into the room with its beauty. I am very pleased with it."

"The Fireplace is easy to use and I like that it has wheels. I just love the mantle and it works very well heating up the rooms."

"I have five fireplaces and they are just wonderful. I recommend them to people that live around me and they love them as well. I think Heat Surge is a great company."

"My wife and I really like our Fireplace. We love the flame and especially love the heat it puts out."

"I think Heat Surge products are better than anything I have ever purchased before."

"I think my Cherry Fireplace has very efficient heat and it saves us a lot of money on our heat bills. Heat Surge Fireplaces are very good for people on limited income."

"I have had my Fireplace for two years now and love everything about it. I also have the corner bookcase and I use it in my living room. I have saved on my heating bills ever since I got it and want to say Thank you Heat Surge."

"I am very happy with my Fireplace. I put it at the bottom of my steps and it heats my living room nicely. I think the fireplace is beautiful and I love the craftsmanship, color, and how the flame looks. The Fireplace is so easy to run and my heating bill went down."

"I really love my Fireplaces. The heaters are great and they have really helped me cut down on my heating bill. I love to sit on my couch and enjoy the realistic look of the fireplace, it is so relaxing."

Powerful Air Filtration

Help your family breathe easier with this easy-to-install filter attachment for your Heat Surge Electric Fireplace, use your fireplace all year long!

New Age Technology

Hybrid-Thermic® Heat is like bringing home the warmth of the sun. It heats quickly and evenly while staying cool to the touch.